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Mechanical Engineering

Areas under this domain include heat transfer, aerodynamics, fluid mechanics (pumps and pipe flow), kinematics & dynamics of machinery and mechanisms, stress analysis, bearings, tribology (lubrication), pneumatics, hydraulics, metrology (measurement), seals & elastomers.

Manufacturing Engineering

Electronics & Microcontrollers

Electronic control of equipment enables the creation of increasingly sophisticated machines. Electronics embedded in mechanical devices allows for a host of applications to be improved or completely redefined. Small microcontrollers can be purchased for less that $1 while powerful single-board computers are available for as little as $60. This has essentially removed the barrier of hardware cost from many control applications. I can integrate electronic control into your product or machine. Simple to medium complexity projects can be done in-house and specialists can be utilized for advanced requirments.


Electrical energy is used almost everywhere and I have studied the subject to a level which allows me to design and build products and machines. As an example, I was able to build on my foundational knowledge to design and construct a specialized resistance welding machine that utilized a high voltage source to produce thousands of amps of current for the welding process. This was done in an effective, robust, and safe manner.

Machine and Product Design-Build

Combining the manufacturing experience of a machinist with the specialized training of an engineer results in machines that are practicle and cost-effective to build while consistently delivering the required performance.

Business Support

Providing assistance in achieving your strategic objectives. Have you noticed that implementing a strategic plan is often more difficult than coming up with the plan in the first place? Implementation is where the rubber meets the road and theory gives way to reality. I have a unique skill set that is well suited to the implementation process. If you want to make changes to your business I can help by providing analytical and organizational assistance and by using technology to achieve your goals.

What makes me unique?